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RAFT Recruitment has been founded using my experience in technology and recruitment over the last 20 years. My goal is for RAFT to be the go to resource when putting humans into automation so that both people and business can maximise their full potential.

As a generation Xer I was one of the first to experience a personal computer at home and school and I remember the mind boggling transition into the internet revolution. The evolution of technology and the impact it can have on daily life fascinated me. I pioneered a mobile phone within my friendship group – although street cred was lacking as I needed a backpack to carry it! In the naive hope that an employee benefit may be the latest handset, my first substantive job was selling mobile phones to those brave (and affluent) enough to progress from a pager. From there I was hooked – in a relatively short time I witnessed first-hand how technology could evolve at an exponential rate. The interest and the demand was huge. I enjoyed learning about the tech and the products but I also enjoyed the interaction with people – demonstrating how the product could enhance their daily life. It wasn’t long before I realised I could combine technology with people, beyond the sale of mobile phones, and a friend (who later became a valued mentor) introduced me to the recruitment industry.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was working in the recruitment sector alongside the same companies that developed, manufactured and provided the airtime for the mobile phones I had previously sold. Every evening I would be frazzled by the amount of calls I was making and receiving but my hunger and passion was fuelled by the excitement of the day just gone. I was in awe of the people I was talking to. Here I was talking to people I really respected as they trusted me with their career and hiring challenges – we were all learning together.  I was building my knowledge and network, cutting my teeth in an industry that would give me access to leading edge technology. The clients and candidates in turn were benefitting from my genuine passion and willingness to give my time to fully understand and support their career and business needs.

Since then, I have worked within the recruitment technology sector for many successful years. I’m passionate about technology without being too geeky (although I am still proud of my inner geek!) and hope that is apparent when I engage with the candidates and clients I partner with.

2020 was a year no-one expected and 2021 continues to be challenging.  But with every challenge comes opportunity.  Market volatility, home working, job insecurity, home schooling, worrying about the health of ageing parents and family members are all issues that have caused many of us to re-evaluate what is most important in our lives moving forward. Resilience and bravery are qualities that we have all had to dig deep for during the last year but in doing so I quickly identified that now was the time to launch what I have always wanted to do.  I am excited for what lies ahead and look forward to building a business I am proud of and which operates in accordance with my vision and values whilst hopefully having some fun along the way! Please check out the new site:

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