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The recruitment process for candidate and client

We understand that time is one of the most valuable assets in the working day. Most of us take work home with us and we have found that recruitment is one of the tasks clients love and loathe at the same time. For these reasons RAFT wants to streamline these processes to allow you to take some of this time back.  You can then use it effectively in your day on other high value tasks and be more productive.

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  • RAFT uses a cloud based system that will send talent shortlists to clients once we have completed the initial search. In turn you can respond with your feedback via link specific to your job requirement. This will cut down the time spent on the phone or email contact, responding to multiple communications. We keep all our data under one roof improving the feedback and communication process.
  • Interview days – Setting up a coordinated day where RAFT will block time in hiring managers diaries by pooling the shortlist of suitable candidates together. This will ensure you can make decisions in a shorter timeframe. It will also help when there are multiple people involved in the process. All too often we see hiring procedures elongated and excellent talent lost to competitors because management teams involved in the recruiting of staff aren’t coordinated. Thus costing valuable time and money.


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