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What we do

Due to evolving short- and long-term project demands we at RAFT provide a number of recruitment solutions to fit these requirements. Whether it be head hunting for a specific skill set that’s just hit the technology scene or building teams locally or internationally at various experience levels, we provide a consultative approach where we qualify the parameters and logistics of the hiring plan and adjust our solution accordingly.

Retained search and selection

Guaranteed hiring solution or we give you your upfront fee back.

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After a consultation clients pay a small fee to start the search and retain RAFT as their sole agent. This is a solution we prefer, as we have commitment on both sides, main benefits to the client are as follows:

  • Higher priority level. The upfront structure of retained search ensures that the placement takes higher priority than commission-based placements.
  • Lower risk of bad hires. …
  • The best, not the fastest. …
  • Finding rare skill sets. …
  • More proactivity. …
  • More customized approach
  • Most vetted candidates


Contingent based recruitment no cure no pay, a solution when a client has multiple recruiters working the same vacancy.

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Contingency Permanent Benefits

  • No upfront fees
  • Client can cancel search at anytime without paying any fees for work already done i.e. candidate shortlisting and arranging interviews
  • Clients are able to use multiple recruiters
  • No cure no fee is payable


  • Commitment level is lower to medium level, as the agency/consultant could be working several requirements at one time
  • The recruiter has increased competition to fill your role
  • Higher one time fees

SoW – “statement of work”

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An SoW is required for some UK and international contracts within the professional services space. We employ the consultant on our payroll and provide a service under project-specific activities, deliverables and timelines. We are the consulting vendor providing services to you the client.

SoW benefits

  • Transparency – Fixed costs and set deliverables provides a clear vision for the project milestones
  • Reduced risk – We manage requirements end-to-end, so risk is mitigated this allows you to focus on other projects/programme matters
  • Efficiency by setting realistic timeframes that deliver you the results set out in the contract you are able to manage project budgets and internal/external clients in a far more effective manner
  • Compliance and clarity you do not have to worry about labour leasing, payroll and taxes, as the consultants provided are on our payroll and employed by us. With and increased movement toward this model by some countries in Europe we provide that reassurance
  • Reduced time to hire , we put the project team together saving you time in the interview process

Flexible resources or Time and Material based hiring

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This offers the client a way of working whereby the consultant/s is hired for a specific timeframe either on an hourly or day rate contract. This gives flexibility from hiring a permanent member of staff that may not be required long term or a way of bringing in knowledge to the current team that it does not possess. Thus enhancing the project team for a short period of time.

Contract / Time and Material recruiting benefits

  • Cost control, similar to buying materials you are buying a service for a rate and time which you know upfront
  • Reduced long-term labour cost, the consultant is a temporary solution, and does not require an annual salary or employment benefits
  • Instant impact of high level SME (Subject Matter Expert) adding value to your project from day one
  • Highly skilled niche experience which can be transferable to permanent employees when the project has been completed
  • Shorter hiring process which can result in short notice onboarding and instant impact
  • Reducing the project bottlenecks that could have manifested already costing time and money to an already stretched budget
  • Flexibility based on budgets and timelines you can add or relieve a contractor at short notice without any employer burdens
  • Compliance – we ensure local tax compliance is adhered to mitigating any risks from authorities

All solutions adhere local payroll compliance and labour laws.


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