Our Sector Focus

RAFT supports their customers by providing leadership, sales and technical experts which have a focus on the next generation of technology for the Smart World. The evolution of AI, Connectivity, Industry 4.0 is fuelling the need for continuous Software development and automation, RAFT wants to be recognised as a go to talent partner in this space.

Automotive & Manufacturing

Industries are under constant pressure to improve product quality, boost factory efficiency, stay competitive, enhance safety, security and sustainability whilst remaining profitable. Machine learning and robotics are helping OEMs in this space conquer innovation and drive autonomy. RAFT Recruitment Will find subject-matter experts and commercial leadership in this field.

Sustainable Energy

Energy sector is benefiting from AI technology, executives in this space are saying that Intelligent Automation is a game changer. We are now living in a world where we need to reduce carbon emissions and move to sustainable energy resources, RAFT will find the experts that will be instrumental in helping companies capitalise on this shift to living in a better world.


Advanced communication networks can bring the power of digital automation to city services. The potential created by the integration of a wide variety of sensors, machines, vehicles and more. Over time, emerging technologies such as 5/6G, IoT and more advanced AI will offer capabilities that enhance how services are delivered to cities of the future. RAFT is dedicated to ensuring that our world is sustainable and experts in these fields are connected to the right organisations.

Skills Focus

AI + MAchine learning & connectivity – 3 core pillars that intrinsycally link our markets

At RAFT we understand how SMART technologies such AI and machine learning are changing the landscape in which human life is operating. We want to drive value by being proactive, sourcing the finest talent in what is a very competitive and fast paced environment.

We specialise in recruitment within
  • Sales and Leadership
  • Service Delivery
  • Advisory & Consulting
  • Sustainable Energy SME’s (Battery Experts)
  • Software Engineering
  • Deep learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Data Science